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ASI is a proven successful competitive proposal development firm. We have developed, authored and supported over 500 proposals with a client win rate of 70percent and contract values exceeding $4 billion. Our areas of expertise include: systems development; integration and management; facility operations and maintenance; system engineering, research and development, construction, and technical support. We also provide proposal development support for petroleum reserve management; healthcare; computer acquisition; and shock/impact physics. Through growth and diversity, we have refined our ability to provide unsurpassed expertise and experience in the complex business of proposal management and development. ASI provides expertise in a variety of technical disciplines with readily accessible support specifically tailored to each client's needs. We provide personnel with technical background and management experience with Fortune 500 corporations, Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and NASA.

ASI incorporates systematic and proven methods tailored to meet client specific needs.

Compliance + Content + Confidence + Cost Competitiveness + Cosmetics = Customer Satisfaction

A partial list of clients ASI has supported in their win of a contract.

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How We Can Help You

The ASI approach incorporates systematic and proven methods tailored to meet client specific needs. For government Requests for Proposals (RFP), we structure each proposal adhering to the specific preparation instructions, allocating page space to each section by considering evaluation criteria and scoring methodologies. Through author interviews and by utilizing an industry standard "story map" technique and incorporating winning themes, we are able to consistently develop proposals that highlight our clients' capabilities. The ASI author interview process is a proven method of data transfer. Working with client domain experts, our personnel transform technical content into compelling proposal prose. We "write the proposal," enabling client employees to return to their primary jobs and continue company productivity. This method works. Our success is evidenced by our repeat business. Since 1990, the majority of our proposal support has come from existing and referral clientele. The ASI successful proposal discipline approach includes:

  • A top down approach

  • Author interviews and assistance

  • ASI authoring critical sections

  • Client management kept informed

  • Attention to all phases and activities

How We Can Help You
The 7 C's

ASI prioritizes its attention to all phases of the proposal process and all proposal activities. Unless ASI is specifically excluded, no task is someone else's job. We implement the seven C's (Compliance + Content + Compulsion + Confidence + Cost Competitiveness + Cosmetics = Customer Satisfaction) in our proposal activities to develop the best possible proposal for our client. Further, we keep our client informed at all phases of the proposal process so there are never any surprises. ASI utilizes the following seven principles to create a winning proposal:

Compliance - We ensure proposals are compliant with all RFP instructions and provisions to the sentence/phrase level.

Content - We develop proposals that are rich in facts and data with logical support for all assertions.

Compulsion - We create compelling "why you" messages throughout the proposal to specifically address client needs and concerns.

Confidence - We emphasize themes and discriminators that provide the customer with confidence in your ability to successfully accomplish all contract requirements.

Cost Competitiveness - We assist cost and pricing analysts in developing pricing data that is within the government's competitive range.

Cosmetics -We provide appealing graphics, attractive layout and professional publication. Our easy-to-read proposals promote positive review by source selection officials and enhance contract award to our clients.

Customer Satisfaction -Our fully compliant proposals meet technical requirements and are within the competitive range. Consequently, our customers satisfy government expectations.

The 7 C's
Proposal History

Following is a partial list of clients that ASI has supported in their win of the contract. Some clients are not listed due to compliance with Nondisclosure Agreements or requests for anonymity. Our client win rate is 70 percent.

Documents and Blurred Business Men

Schafer Corp

Space Control, Air Force Space Command

Proposal Manager, authors of key sections, reviewed and critiqued remainder of effort through delivery.



NCI Info Systems

NORAD NORTHCOMM N2C4S  (Command, Control, Communication, and Computer Systems)

Proposal Management and facilities.


Test Tubes

Nanogen Inc.

Avian Flu Research and Development, Center for Disease Control

Proposal Management, authorship, production, and facilities.


Proposal History
Plane on Runway

Velcon Filters

TACOM Filters, US Army

Proposal Management and authorship.


Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi

Artic Slope World Services

Fort Rucker Fueling, US Army

Proposal Management, authorship, and facilities.


Conference Room

Northrup Grumman

NORAD NORTHCOMM Advisory & Assistance

Proposal Management and authorship.


Rocket Launch

SI International

CAASETA, Air Force Space Command

Proposal Management and authorship.




Field Service Manager Areas 3S and 8A, Dept of Housing and Development

Proposal Management, authorship, and production


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